Troubleshooting TiVo Mini’s rebooting and power issues

Troubleshooting TiVo Mini’s rebooting and power issues

Troubleshooting TiVo Mini’s rebooting and power issues: How your TiVo DVR is working? Apart from having the main TiVo DVR digital box, if you willing to stream all your favorite content in another room, then TiVo mini could be the best choice, as it easily extends your main TiVo DVR to another room according to your comfort. The TiVo mini simply feeds off an XLR DVR or TiVo Premiere 4, TiVo Bolt or TiVo Roamio DVR. Simply link the mini to a secondary TV and to the home network, and you will easily get the access to the live and recorded TV, broadband-delivered content and the video on demand services. In the case, if you are getting any power or rebooting related issues, then here is the fine way to fix it.

TiVo mini is unstable or it does not power up

  1. Ensure that you are using an approved TiVo power adapter for your TiVo mini.
  2. You can head on to try out any other TiVo adapter for TiVo mini.

If the multiple usages of approved power adapters still fail to fix the issue, get in touch with the TiVo help team for better assistance.

Rebooting of TiVo Mini unexpectedly

When you turn off your television and witness that your TiVo mini reboots or automatically switch between the HDMI inputs with the remote, simply try out the troubleshooting steps to determine the problem:

  1. If the TV that your mini TiVo is being linked to has the multiple HDMI inputs, access the TiVo remote to change up one of the other HDMI inputs, then wait for at least 10 seconds, then head back to the input that the TiVo mini is in the ON mode. If the TiVo mini reboots, then the known HDMI conflict have the fault.
  2. If the TV that your TiVo mini is linked to doesn’t have the multiple HDMI inputs, then delink the HDMI cable which goes to the TiVo mini (from the other end), then wait for altheas 1-2minutes, then relink it. If the TiVo mini reboots, then the known HDMI conflict have the fault.
  • If both previous doesn’t cause the TiVo mini to reboot, head on to try out the steps under the Ethernet/MOCA conflict.

TiVo Mini’s rebooting and power issues

In order to fix an HDMI conflict

  • Easily get an HDMI switch with an additional HDMI cable, and link them to the existing cable. This has actually worked to remove the HDMI conflicts in the lab tests. It’s easy to get the HDMI switch for just $10 at many retail and online locations.
  • When you are being ready to switch off the TV after accessing the TiVo mini, first you need to put down the mini into the standby mode and then switch off the TV. When you switch it on again, you should be able to view the TiVo mini again without any reboot.
  • Access the component video cables (red, blue, and green) in the place of the HDMI cable. This will need to access a separate audio cable, as well.

Ethernet Conflict/MoCA

To decide whether your network is causing the reboots simply answer the following questions:

Do you have the MoCA enabled?       

  • If no, then your network is not causing the reboot. Move to the HDMI conflict.
  • If yes, then move on to next question.

Do you also get the Ethernet connection to the TiVo mini?

  • If no, then move on to HDMI Conflict.
  • In the case of yes, if you have Ethernet and MoCA enabled, simply disable one or the other and view that the rebooting problem goes away or not.

If get any tech barrier, then simply navigate to TiVo com support for expert assistance and solutions.


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