How to fix up the TiVo pixellation, freezing and picture issues?

TiVo Freezing Problem

How is it going with your TiVo device? In this fast moving digitally transforming era, TiVo is still one of the old and acceptable devices in the competitive market. With the bunch of exclusive features, TiVo has grabbed the eyeballs of all the potential users across the globe.

Apart from the fine use, there are also some of the instances when the digital streaming box gets into the trouble with some of the common issues, including freezing, pixelation, and picture issues. We have encountered that most of the users have faced these problems and that’s why we have come up with the fine solutions.


One of the most common causes regarding this problem is actually a bad hard drive. But, according to the different models of TiVo, it can also be caused by other barriers. In some of the models of TiVo, you can simply head on to run a TiVo hard drive test in order to check the hard drive within the TiVo.

  1. In the test, if your device hard drive fails the test, then the possible cause of the problem could be the hard drive issue. Luckily, the hard drive can be easily replicable and there are many companies which are ready to provide the pre-programmed hard drive, installation steps and the tools for unlocking the TiVo in a single package. Some of the sources for the hard drives are Hinsdale, Weakness, and DVRupgrade.
  2. In the case, if you are not willing to try out to resolve the unit yourself, then there is the flat-free option for the standard units TiVo units. Well, this flat-free repair actually be useful if you have the lifetime TiVo service or if you have the DIRECTTV TiVo, it is actually worth if you are not wishing to switch to the homegrown DVR of DIRECTTV.
  3. In the case, if you got the monthly service on your non-DIRECTTV TiVo, then you should head on to buy a brand new TiVo or simply replace the drive.
  4. If you are one of the owners of DIRECTTV TiVo DVR, then there could be the bad hard drive or a bad satellite tuner.
  5. With the moving time, the aging DIRECTTV TiVo units encountered the bad sat tuner 2 than a sat 1, which signifies that if you are actually experiencing the heavy pixelation on some of the channels, then you must be experiencing a bad tuner, not a bad, rather than having a bad drive.
  6. In the addition, if you are experiencing the bad tuner, then you might witness the message of “Searching for Satellite 1” or “Satellite on Searching 2”, or you could also witness the message permanently.
  7. In the case, if you got a bad satellite tuner, then it would be actually not possible to repair by itself. Well, you can easily send out the unit to a TiVo repair center to simply repair or replace the tuner. While the other users of the DIRECTTV TiVo units with the bad condition hard drives can be easily repaired by accessing a latest TiVo hard drive.

Apart from this, if you are having TiVo HD XL, TiVoHD, or one of the original Series 3 HD TiVos and if getting pixelation problem, we would recommend you to first run the Kickstart 54 drive test. In the case, if your drive gets fails, then simply head on to get a new one. And if your drive is cleaned with the test, then there could be a problem with the signal strength of being very high.

If you are one of the HD TiVo users, then you must have to contact to the TiVo Com Support team for expert assistance and solutions.


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