Service Electric Cable TV adds TiVo for ultimate entertainment.


The classic cable television, Service Electric Cable TV is now coming up with the TiVo enabled video platform to provide the quality entertainment.

TiVo Com ActivateAll TiVo users, how is it going with your amazing TiVo streaming box? The old yet trendy TiVo App streaming device has been a big name in the circuit of all the streaming devices in the market. By providing the quality features and services, the streaming device has also been the supreme entertainment choice of almost all the worldwide users who have been using the streaming box for a long time.

In the changing trend and technology, the company has always been involved in improving its lineup of TiVo boxes with the addition of latest features and functions that will render the quality streaming experience to all the worldwide users. Apart from this, the company has also got into rendering its service to the third parties, like Service Electric Cable TV.

The cable television company has recently announced to roll out a latest TiVo-powered video platform that will be powered by the latest TiVo Gateway DVR solution that will provide the fine 4K support and High Dynamic Range as well as the fine over-the top video services.

The next generation TiVo’s solution will provide a graphically-rich, advanced, and classic personalized user experience to all the users out there. The whole home setup of the Service Electric company will also feature the TiVo Mini set-top client and the TiVo apps for the Android smartphones, iOS, and tablets. In this latest offering, there will also the personalized suggestions and combination of OTT apps and services, like YouTube and Netflix. Besides this, the latest platform will also be able to render the support the other latest features on the TiVo’s roadmap, including an advanced interface (known as Hydra), which will get into the market via the TiVo partners such as Vodafone Espana.

TiVo Com SupportThe TiVo’s solution will boost the Service Electric to render the current subscribers an improved and better quality of service, as well as attracting the bunch of new customers with a pay-TV service.  All the customers of Service Electric will get the access to an advanced multiscreen solution that will buy the classic winning user experience of TiVo. The users will also be able to access the video-on demand services on their big screen. Also, all the customers of Service Electric will also be able to take the DVR advantage on-the-go with the access to their most favorite entertainment from their tablet or smartphone.

Overall, it will be a great move in the line of providing the best entertaining experience to all the worldwide users. With the TiVo’s video platform, the customers of Service Electric will also be able to have the easy content discovery solutions. Along with that, the Service electric will also get enabled to stay ahead in the intense competition and also addressing the rapidly changing consumer needs and behaviors.

So, all the Service Electric users, just stay active to get the amazing benefits of the TiVo Gateway DVR solution, which involves multi-room, easily linked experience abilities that access the Arris gateway box, TiVo iOS, TiVo Mini, Android apps for the tablets and smartphones. With this service, both the company would be able to grab the attention of all their consumers around the world.


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