How To Use Tivo App On Iphone Or Ipad Efficiently?

TiVo Help

You can do everything with your TiVo remote like you can watch live TV, shows, recordings scheduled at a particular time and much more through your iPad or iPhone. If you are having TiVo Roamio, Bolt, or stream, then you can listen to recording even when you are away from your home location. This all is possible only due to TiVo app.

TiVo Com Support

TiVo Com ActivateThis app works fine with the following boxes:

  • TiVo premiere.
  • TiVo Roamio
  • TiVo HD all models
  • TiVo Series 3
  • TiVo Bolt all models

To enjoy the popular and best TV shows on your TiVo app, you need the following in your iPhone.

  1. You must ensure that your iPhone or iPad OS software is up to date.
  2. Download the latest TiVo app from the app store or go to TiVo com support link to get the download link for Apple If you have already installed this app on your phone, then check for any new update if available.
  3. Your TiVo box must be connected to the home network at your home. You need to do TiVo setup for the first time.
  4. To listen to the recordings from your iPhone, you need to have TiVo Roamio, TiVo Stream and TiVo bolt connected to the Home Wi-Fi network.
  5. Your phone Wi-Fi should also be turned ON and it must be connected to the same.

Configuring the TiVo app

If you have recently downloaded this app, then you need to go through simple steps for the first time only. These are as follows:

  1. Open the TiVo app.
  2. Sign in to the TiVo app using TiVo com activate link and enter the username and password.
  3. Select the DVR you want to use with the app. If more than one TiVo box is connected at the same time, then you will be prompted for same. You can swap across different devices later on as well.
  4. The streaming setup will begin automatically on the TiVo bolt, Roamio Plus, and Stream box if you are configuring it for the first time. If you have recently updated the app, then you need to go to ‘settings’ and start setup. For any type of TiVo help related to setup, you can visit the official TiVo support link.
  5. Follow the guide to set up in-home and out home streaming service.
  • In-Home Streaming refers to streaming the recording from home location and network only.
  • Out-of-home streaming means listening to the recordings when you are not at home and not on the home

What to watch

You will get this message on the screen when you first open the screen after installing the app. You will find a list of shows according to the category and genre. Just click on your favorite show and start watching it on your TV. You can select any show for recording and watch later on.

Information screen

To go to information screen from your TiVo app, simply click on ‘info’ button. This page will display the list of all the shows that are currently aired on your TiVo box. When you change the channel, then the current program list will also get changed according to the channel. Moreover, you can do following things through this page:

  1. Click on ‘watch now’ for viewing options.
  2. To save or record a single show click on ‘Get this show’. For more help related to recording, you can call at TiVo customer service
  3. Click on ‘upcoming’ icon to view the list of upcoming episodes.
  4. Click on ‘Explore’ to know about the particular show in details. You can check the list of shows from here.
  5. To share your comments about the particular show, simply click on ‘share’ comments section.


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