How To Troubleshoot TiVo’s “Green Screen of Death” Bug?

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After plugging in the TiVo, sometimes a green screen appears with a message which is known as “Green Screen of Death.” Here are the solutions to fix the bug.

TiVo SupportAre you doing well with your TiVo streaming box? Undoubtedly, TiVo is one of the oldest and traditional streaming box, which has marked its esteem place in the streaming devices category. With the bunch of the amazing features and classic streaming services, TiVo has also been able to catch the attention of the all its users around the world.

 In this intense competition, the company is active in upgrading its lineup of TiVo Tv versions with the exclusive features and functions to provide the best streaming experience to all the users out there. Apart from streaming well with the TiVo box, there are also some of the instances when a green screen displays the message of “A SEVERE ERROR HAS OCCURRED” and order you to wait for some time and also to dial a phone number for proper assistance. In the case, if you get this error, then you might not be aware that this error is called the “GSOD” or “Green Screen of Death.” Apart from this, there is also a “Blue Screen Death” which get arises due at the time of crashing of a PC.

 Solutions related to the problem-   

 In the case of TiVo getting stuck at the green screen, mostly it happens due to the failure of the hard drive. If the unit heads to the green screen and then get back to the Powering Up screen and again comes back to the green screen, then the absolute reason is the poor hard drive. Even there are also some of the cases where the TiVo head to the green screen for the starting hours and then start working properly. If this is the scenario with you, then assume yourself very lucky, but not that much as you can expect the issue to strike back again.

To troubleshoot the problem, we have come up with the solutions:

 1)  TiVo Com SupportHard Drive replacement- For replacing the hard drive, we would advise you to buy a ready-to-install and a p reprogrammed hard drive for your version of TiVo model. For doing this, you will firstly require searching the TiVo model on the back side of the TiVo, which will indicate your model by first three digits of the TiVo’s customer service number.

 After getting known about your TiVo model, you can just head to Weakness, which has the bunch of p reprogrammed hard drives for each version of the TiVo model.

 Reasons for recommending Weakness are:

  1.  Customer support is amazing (renders live chat, email support, and toll-free phone support)
  2. Easy return in 30 days (related to the restocking fee), if your purchased drive doesn’t fix the issue
  3. Free shipping service to all the users.

 Apart from the Weakness, you can also go for the option of Hinsdale’s TiVo hard Drive Kits, while reaching to that website is tuff to guide.

TiVo Help2. In this solution, we would advise you to go with the option #1, because it’s quite easy to replace a hard drive with the correct instructions. In the case, if you are not willing to replace the hard drive, you can send the TiVo for repair. Even you can also consider the TiVo flat-free repair service offered by Weaknees. Having the service easily covers up the Standalone standard definition TiVos, and in the case, if your TiVo model is not on the list, they will render you the quote for repairs of all the other TiVo models. In the case, if your unit is not on the flat-free-repair page, then head on to email them to let them know about your TiVo model and the GSOD issue and also that you are not willing to install a hard drive on your own. You will get the required instructions from them for sending it in.

 Still, if you have any query, just navigate to TiVo Com Support to get the professional assistance and solutions.


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