How to troubleshoot TiVo shutting down and overheating issue?

TiVo overheating and shutting down

TiVo shutting down and overheatingAll TiVo users, how is it going with your TiVo device? Being the traditional yet trendy streaming box, TiVo has placed itself as one of the key players in the streaming devices category. With the lineup of exclusive features and satisfactory streaming services, TiVo has retained its position as the ultimate source to provide the best entertainment to all its potential users around the globe.

Looking at the competition and technology, TiVo is one of that traditional company who has been making fine efforts to improve the streaming standard and quality of the TiVo boxes much better. And with such kind of continuous efforts, TiVo is rendering the best entertainment with the top feature of allowing the users to record all their favorite shows and movies and stream according to own convenience.

Still, there are some of the symptoms which cause the TiVo box creating hindrance in streaming, including-

  1. TiVo starts up and heads to the main screen of TiVo, but after some time it shuts down with a message stating that the internal temperature of TiVo is very high and that the box is getting shut Or
  2. You get the message even when your TiVo is cold before heading to the TiVo Central. (It also appears even when the unit is being off for many hours).

These symptoms are the few issues for the problem. In the case, if you encounter the first bug, then your TiVo might have a defective fan. (Note that all the TiVo have got fans on the back side). Or there could be chances that you may be operating your TiVo device in a hot environment. For example, if your TiVo is at the center or top of a giant mound of electronic components, then there might be the chances that your TiVo might not get air well. Follow up the below advice in this kind of situation:

  1. Head on to buy a brand new TiVo fan from the Weakness or any other upgraded provider of TiVo.
  2. You can also put any object under each of the corners of TiVo to raise its height, which will typically help out with the air to circulate from below the unit to have more amount of air flow down there.
  3. Head on to change the location of the TiVo outside the entertainment cabinet, or just keeping it separate from all the other components. Or
  4. You can just buy a laptop cooler fan to place it below your TiVo for the air.

TiVo overheating and shutting down

In the scenario, if your TiVo is showing the overheating message before it gets reaches to the TiVo Central, even in the cold state, then you must be facing a fully different issue here. In such kind of scenario, there could be a poor temperature sensor on the motherboard, but the poor TiVo power supply often gives you such issue. No worries, the glitch is general in the TiVo DIRECTTV DVR HR10-250 but the standard definition of the DIRECTTV DVRs with the TiVo got affected.

In the rarest of the rare cases, the overheating messages on the cold units could come due to a poor temperature sensor. If this is your TiVo’s problem, or if you are not willing to replace your power supply, then having a flat-free TiVo repair could be the best option. As an alternate option, if you got a standalone TiVo on your side, then you can navigate to TiVo Repair for professional guidance and solutions regarding the problems.


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