How To Troubleshoot TiVo Desktop Installation And Setup Issues?

TiVo Customer Support

If you are getting issues regarding the installation and setup of TiVo desktop on your PC, then here are the facile steps to fix the problem.

TiVo Com SupportSo, hopefully, you all are enjoying your TiVo digital streaming box? With the classic bunch of best features and services, the TiVo streaming box has also grabbed the users attention around the world. Being a new user, if you wish to get started with your TiVo device, then head to TiVo Com Support to activate your TiVo device properly.

Besides the TiVo device, there would be many less of you who are not aware of the TiVo desktop application. The TiVo desktop app is a prime app from TiVo which permits you to easily share and publish the TiVo recordings, photos, and digital music between the computer and the Series2 TiVo DVR. With the regular paid subscription, you get the digital photos and music along with the TiVo Go feature. All you required to do is just to download, install, and setup the app with the PC. But, if you are getting issues with the installation and setup of the app, then check out the steps below:-

Note: Before moving on, the first thing that you should make sure at the time of the failed installation is that you are logged in as the administrator or not. Apart from this, you will also require making sure that the system is meeting the system requirements.

1) Installation of the current version of the TiVo Desktop app (2.8.3) – After the above checkups, you will require ensuring that you are running the new version of the TiVo desktop app.

2) You can head to the option of TiVo Desktop Cleaner utility at the time of installation issues. Using the TiVo Desktop Cleaner Utility will surely remove the old version of the app from the PC. After that just contact the TiVo Support to get a link to reinstall the new version of the app. The TiVo desktop cleaner does not delete the TiVo remote keys or MAK. Well, there are chances of losing the Watch folder settings and Web Video subscriptions that are created by you.

All the steps

a) Firstly, head on to download the TiVo Desktop Cleaner. Now, you will require placing the downloaded file After locating the file, just right-click on file and then choose Extract All to extract all the required files into a specific folder on the desktop.

B) Now, head on to unlock the folder having the extracted TiVo Desktop Cleaner files.

C) At the time of getting the Command Prompt window, you will get asked if you are willing to continue. You can easily just enter the “Y” option to permit the TiVo Desktop Cleaner to delete the previously installed version.

Function of TiVo Desktop Cleaner-

  • Removing the files
  • Stopping of software
  • Zapping installation
  • Cleaning the registry
  • TiVo Customer ServiceAfter finishing all these tasks, you will witness the message “TiVo Desktop has been removed your system.” Now, head on to press any key to finish the whole process and shut down the Command Prompt window.

D) After the removal of the old version of the app, head to install the app again.

3) You can head for the reinstallation of the Visual Basic Script on the PC and then go for the reinstalling the app again.

IMPORTANT- Windows 7 and Vista users can easily skip this particular step, as they can install the new version of the app easily.

A) Head on to download the VBScript from the website of the Microsoft and then just follow the installation directions for installation.

B) After installing the VBScript, just try out to install the TiVo Tv Desktop again.

4) You can head to register the VBScript with the Window and can try to re-install the app again.

 A) Firstly, head on to tap the Start Menu.

 B) Now, head to choose All Programs

 C) Then, just choose the Accessories

 D) After choosing the Accessories, choose the Command Prompt

E) Now, you will require to right-click at the Command prompt accessory and then choose Run as administrator.

F)  Now, head to enter “regsvr32 cbscript.dll” and then press the ENTER key.

G) After the completion of registration, you will witness a response of the successful completion of VBScript. At last, Just OK button.

 H) Head on to close the Command Prompt Window and then try out to install the app for one more time.

 If you still face the bug with the whole process, then you can navigate to the TiVo Customer support for expert assistance and support.