How To Troubleshoot The TiVo Freezing And Pixellation Picture Problem?

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Are you getting picture problem on your TiVo device? If yes, then we are going to troubleshoot different issues related to TiVo picture like Display problem, watching Live TV, picture completely goes out, blocky image and sudden restart problem.

Causes and solutions

TiVo Com ActivateIf you are facing any picture issue, then this may happen due to a bad drive. If you are using a higher end model of TiVo, then you can test your hard drive with the hard drive test present within the device. If the test fails, then there is a problem in a drive. To solve this problem, you can purchase a new or re-programmed drive from the market. For more information related to the opening of Drive from the TiVo device and installation guide, you can go to TiVo setup link. You can also go to TiVopedia link from your browser to diagnose and repair the hard drive.

If you want your TiVo device to get fixed through experts, then you can call at TiVo com support number given on the page. However, if you have subscribed to DIRECTV services, then you can’t replace or purchase the hard drive.

If you are using a DIRECTV TiVo DVR, then you might be getting this problem due to bad satellite or bad drive. Keep reading this blog post, we will let you know whether the problem is with drive or with the tuner. If you are facing a pixelation problem on your TiVo DVR, then it means there is a problem with the tuner rather than in drive. If your Tuner is not working properly, then you will get an error message on the screen which says, ‘searching for satellite signal’. This message will be displayed permanently on the screen.

In case the tuner is faulty, you won’t repair it on your own. You need to contact TiVo customer service in this regard. They will either replace or repair the unit.

On the other hand, if you are using DIRECTTV units, then you can send the faulty hard drives to the home using TiVo hard drive link.

TiVo Com SupportIf you are a user of Series 3 TiVo devices and getting the pixelation problem, then you need to run a Kickstart drive test. If the test fails, then you can replace your drive with the new one from the store. If the test is passed, then there is some problem with the network. The problem of the network is more common in Verizon FIOS. To solve the signal problem, you can either call your network provider or send your complaint to the TiVo experts through forums.

If you are getting pixelation problem in your HD TiVo and you are using cable cards, then there are chances that the card is faulty. You need to contact the cable company in such case rather than calling at TiVo support number.

If you are getting problem with activation of the device on the network, then troubleshoot the device by clicking on TiVo com activate link.

Additional information related to this problem

When you stream a TV through TiVo DVR, then the picture displayed to you is available in the digital form and keeps on saving on the hard drive. If there is a problem in the hard drive, then you will keep on getting the errors on the screen and the hard drive fails to read and write anything on it. Too many errors while playing the video may cause the freezing problem. This is the most serious problem and can’t be fixed easily.

If you want to check your hard drive, then you need to download the software for testing the TiVo hard drive. You can visit the manufacturer website to know the hard drive details of your TiVo device.


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