How to Troubleshoot recording issues with TiVo?

Troubleshoot TiVo recording issues

Troubleshoot TiVo recording issues: Are you doing well with your TiVo device? Well, there is no doubt that the digital streaming box has been one of the traditional and trendy devices which has marked a special place along with the top class competitors. With the ability to record the shows and rendering various features, TiVo has simply gained the large base of audience globally.

The recording ability of TiVo is really a great feature which has been providing the convenient entertainment to all the users in a fine way. But, there are many instances where the recording by the digital streaming box gets interrupted due to unwanted problems. This is the reason we have come up with the lineup of different steps in which you can easily try out any one from the list.

  • In the case, if you get the option offered, then head on to clip the programs which were previously planned out.

The device has actually got the finest feature of Overlap Protection which helps out to reduce the recording bugs when the video is not being started and it is getting stop after half hour. In the case, if the programs get overlapped by 5 minutes or less than it, then the feature simply offered the option of not recording for some minutes according to the need. The feature can also be used to fix up the issues between the successive Season Pass recordings. (All the programs of low priority simply gets clipped out in the Season pass manager).

Troubleshoot TiVo recording

  • Simply head on to the option of recording any other program

If the recording of any program that hinders with an already planned out program, then you will get the option to go for the cancellation of the previous recording. In order to cancel the previous recording and schedule the next recording, simply choose “OK, cancel the previously scheduled program recording”.  

  • Head on to record any latest program at a different time

In the case, if you are not willing to cancel the previously scheduled recording, check out that the program is getting air in a different time slot or not. At the time of receiving the conflict message, head on to choose “Don’t record the newly requested program”. Right on the next screen, head on to select “View upcoming episodes” or (“View Upcoming Showings”, if the movie or the program is quite special), and then head on to choose the different time slot for recording the latest show.

  • In the case, if the program is getting airs only in the single time slot, then head on to reschedule the other program.
  • Head on to create a manual recording

There are some of the programs which don’t get start or end on the actual hour. In the case, if you are not able to use up the Overlap protection feature, then you can head on to the option of scheduling a manual recording. With the use of the manual recording, you can simply schedule any program on your own specific time on a specific channel. You can also head on to schedule the manual recording that gets repeat over the time, which is also quite same like the Season Pass recordings.

Note- As the scheduled programs get changed weekly, do ensure that your check to do list in order to ensure that the manual recordings are already being set for the right timings.

  • In the case, if you have some of the shows that have been air for once and have those shows that air the same episode for multiple times, then let the TiVo pick up the day or the time to record up to the shows.
  • First of all head on to the write down all the Season passes that you are already aware off and that you need.
  • For all your shows, head on to select either the View upcoming shows or head to the search out for the TV shows, and watch out that the show airs the episodes for more than one time or more than a day.
  • Head on to cancel the Season pass for all the shows that gets airs for more than one time or more than a day.
  • Head on to set the wishlist for the shows.

If you still get any tech bug, then navigate to TiVo com Support for expert assistance and solutions.


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