How To Troubleshoot a TiVo Device If It Stopped Working All Of A Sudden?

TiVo Com Activate

The problem of TiVo device failure is quite common and is not at all related to the activation process. If you want to get it fixed instantly, then go to TiVo com activate link or follow the below-mentioned steps to get rid of failure problem.

TiVo is the most valuable DVR in the world of Technical gadgets these days. You can find this device everywhere in the different countries. But, you can imagine the situation when this device stopped working abruptly. You will surely get infuriated at this moment especially if you are recording some program for future listening.

When the device gets stopped, you won’t be able to record even a single show or episode which you intend to watch later on. You need to fix this problem at the earliest so as to retain recording. It is recommended to call at number to get quick help for your device.

Symptoms: If you find that there are no lights flashing or glowing on the TiVo DVR, then it means there is some problem in the TiVo Tv device. It can be due to cooling fan or due to the basic problem with the circuitry. To get rid of this problem, you need to perform  from the scratch. This will definitely resolve the issue.

How to fix this problem?

If there isn’t any light glowing on the front of your TiVo DVR, then there is an issue with the power supply. If you find that the cooling fan is working normally, then the power voltage is less or not enough to run the fan, then get it checked by the technical expert. He will repair the device and solve the power failure problem.

In case you find that the multiple parts are not working as they should be, then you need to check the motherboard and if required then get it checked by the experts. You can call at TiVo customer service number.

Apart from this, you need to check the TiVo hard drive and motherboard from inside. If there is a bad hard drive or faulty motherboard, then it may create a problem. If any of the component fixed on the motherboard responsible for power supply is faulty, then you need to get assistance from the technicians. The nearby service store can be searched through link.

Additional information related to the problem

There is a general belief among the TiVo users that if the fan of your TiVo device is working normally, then there is no problem with the power supply. But it is important to discuss here that your TiVo power supplies power to multiple components at the same time so if the fan, components and hard drive are working properly, then there may be some other problem in your DVR.

You will see a pin cable that is connected to the power supply and to the motherboard of your device. The pins available on the cord supply power to the different parts of the motherboard. If any one component of the motherboard is not working like fan or capacitor, then there is a problem with the individual pin but not with the cable.

In the same way, there are some models on which no light lit but the processing keeps on going without any indication. If you find a problem in watching the videos on these types of DVR, then it is recommended to call at TiVo com support number. You need to only tell the model number of your TiVo device rest everything will be done by the support team.