How To Setup A Season Pass And Search Shows On A TiVo Device?

TiVo Setup

By setting up the season pass on your TiVo device, you can access your favorite bunch of content on your TiVo streaming box along with steps to search out the shows.

TiVo ActivateAll TiVo users, how your TiVo device is performing on your big screen? The old yet competitive TiVo streaming device is one of the finest streaming devices in the list of other players in the market. By providing the best features and services, all the versions of TiVo device has been the primary choice of the worldwide users to get the best entertainment on their big screen. In the list of users, if you are willing to begin your streaming, then head to TiVo Com Activate for activating your TiVo device properly.

Well, if you are still looking out the ultimate way to watch out the content on your TiVo device, then head onto ways to setup a season pass and the steps to search out your favorite shows.

Season Pass  

A Season Pass holds up the track of all the TV shows which is a crucial part of a whole serious. Just head to setup and let the TiVo service to record the shows every week or on the odd times. You can also head onto instruct your TiVo box to record the specific number of episodes. The Season Pass is available to the below listed TiVo devices-

  • TiVo Premiere with the SD menus
  • Series 3 and DVRS

Organizing a whole Season Pass recording- After you get your favorite show to record, you can easily schedule a Season Pass recording:

  1. After choosing a show to record, just head to choose “Get a Season Pass” on the info screen.
  2. If you like, then head to choose “Options” to change the Season Pass recording. Just use the arrow keys on the remote to control each option as per the need.  Wish to keep up all the episodes in the series? Just choose “All Episodes” from the “keep at Most” choices. You can also skip it by setting “New only” as the “Record” option. Now, your season pass has been scheduled.

Note: If you have the group of friends has turned into the “My Shows” list, the title of the show could get appear in more than one folder, even if only one show is a recording of the show.

Managing the Season Pass recordings- If the timings of many recordings are scheduled for the similar time, then the TiVo service uses up the “Season Pass Manager” to determine the show to record. If you don’t customize the priorities, the shows will get setup the way you set them up. And if you wish to change the priority order-

  • TiVo Com SupportHead to press down the TiVo button to reach out to the TiVo Central, and then choose “Manage Recordings and Downloads,” then “Season Pass Manager.”
  • Just highlight a show and then press the Right arrow to highlight the arrows. You can also move the chosen title with the UP/DOWN arrow in the list. As the show appears higher, its priority will also get higher.

 Watching and recording any show more than one time

 Having the bunch of awesome stuff to record with your Season Pass Recordings, you can always watch any show in the “My Shows’ list while recording the other shows at the similar time.

 Steps to search any show

 Firstly, head to TiVo Central, then choose “Search, One Pass & Manage” and then select the “Search’ option.

In the next screen, you will get the grid of letters which you can move around by using the arrow buttons on your TiVo remote and then press the SELECT button to choose any letter.

You should keep trying to choose different letters until you get the title that you are looking for. At any mistake, just press the “CLEAR” button to remove everything, or press the “REWIND” button to remove anyone letter at a particular time. For inserting a space, you can just press the “FAST FORWARD” button.

When you get what you were seeking for, use the right arrow to move to the right side of the screen, highlight the title, person, or show name, and then press the “SELECT” button to see the whole information screen.

After that choose “Get this show” to record the next show or to set up One Pass.

TiVo Customer ServiceIn the Informational screen, you can check out the latest unreleased episodes or an episode guide, and can also learn about the cast members, and the bonus features.

After following these steps, if you get any tech issue, then just navigate to the TiVo help team to get the professionals assistance and guidance.


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