How To Increase The Recording Capacity Of Your TiVo Box?

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If you wish to increase the recording capacity of your TiVo box, then check the ways to increase the storage ability of your TiVo box.

TiVo Com SupportAll TiVo users, Are you doing well with your TiVo streaming box? The ultimate yet traditional TiVo streaming box has been the key competitor in the section of all the streaming devices in the global market. The old streaming device is a well-known name in the home and market picture. With the quality features and fine services, the streaming device is also the key entertaining source for all the worldwide users out there. If you are just about to kick start your streaming journey with the TiVo Box, then do head to TiVo Activate for easily activating your digital streaming box properly.

In the lineup of all the features and functions, the most appealing thing about the TiVo device is that it allows to record all the shows and movies at your convenience and also stream them in your spare time. Well, having such facility can make easily make anyone stick to the streaming box and continue the binge watching of all the recorded content in the whole day. And for keeping the streaming flow going, it’s important to have large storing capacity in the box to record all your favorites easily.

For increasing the storage capacity, you can go for Western Digital My Book AV DVR Expander for all the versions of TiVo boxes. After plugging the expander into the eSATA port on the TiVo box, it will get attached to that box. Apart from this, there is also a 1 TB expander, which can add over 140 hours of HD recording space.

Check out the compatible devices to use with the DVR Expander:  

  • ·  TiVo Premiere (all models)
  •   TiVo BOLT®(all models)
  • ·  TiVo Series3
  • ·  TiVo HD (all models)
  • ·  TiVo Roamio®(all models)

TiVo SupportImportant Note: You can’t use the Western Digital My Book AV DVR Expander as a medium of the mobile storage device to move all the shows from one TiVo box to another. In the case, if a DVR Expander is delinked from the TiVo box and being formatted by another TiVo box, then all the recorded content on the original TiVo box and the DVR expander will get lost.

 Now, check out the various steps needed to increase the recording capacity-

  1.  Linking to the DVR Expander- For linking to the DVR Expander, the first requirement is to have a compatible TiVo box listed above.
  •  Firstly head for the unplugging of the TiVo box
  • Now, head on to link the eSATA cable between the TiVo box and DVR Expander. (Don’t head to use a USB cable).
  • Now, head to plug the DVR Expander, you will get the LED power light.
  • Just wait for up to around 15 seconds to let the hard drive warm up.
  • After that head to plug the TiVo box back in and
  • Lastly, head to follow out the instructions on the screen.

Head to detaching the DVR Expander on a temporary basis- Just follow out the instructions at the time of temporarily delinking the DVR Expander. Check out the steps below

  • Head on to unplug the TiVo box.
  • After that just delink the eSATA cable from the DVR Expander
  • Lastly, head on to the unplug of the DVR Expander.

CAUTION- Before heading for delinking the AC adapter, always head for the unplugging of the power cord from the electrical outlet.

TiVo SetupRelinking the DVR Expounder after the temporary delinking- Just follow up the instructions to relink the DVR Expander after the delinking on a temporary basis.

  •  Firstly, head on to relink the eSATA cable to the DVR Expander.
  • Now, head on to plug in the DVR Expander.
  • After that, go for the plugging in the TiVo box.

CAUTION- Don’t head to relink the power to the TiVo Tv box with the delinked DVR Expander. Doing this will make you remove the expander on the permanent basis and also to lose out most of the recordings.

Detaching the DVR Expander permanently– In the normal scenario, there is no strong reason to detach the DVR Expander. Once the expander is removed, you will not be able to play your recordings on another TiVo box. As every recording is distributed on an equal basis between the expander and the internal drive of TiVo box, you cannot take the benefit of the extra storage by accessing more than one DVR Expander. If you are not willing to use the DVR Expander anymore, then only you should head to remove it.

  •  Firstly, head on to unplug the TiVo box and then delink the eSATA cable.
  • After that, head on to unplug and delink the eSATA cable from the DVR Expander.
  • Lastly, head on to plug in the TiVo box and just follow all the instructions coming on the screen.

 Still, if you have anything unclear regarding the ways mentioned above or any other tech query, then just head to the TiVo Support team for getting the professional help and guidance.


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