How to Activate a TiVo DVR box?

TiVo Support

We need to activate a TiVo box to make it work. If you have a new TiVo box and want to get it working, then you must go through the following Activation steps to quickly activate the box.

TiVo SetupTiVo provides a smarter way or streaming media content that includes all the listed and subscribed channels. One can save them for future viewing at their convenient time. A high-speed internet connection and a 15 digit number for TiVo service are required for the activation process of TiVo. You can proceed for TiVo activation once you have made all the wired connection for TiVo box and the television.

If you have already made the wire connections, then go through the following activation steps:

  1. Open the TiVo  page by typing in the URL as in any of your browsers on a device that is connected with an internet connection.
  2. It will now show a prompt saying that “Do you want to activate a device” so click on yes to proceed further.
  3. Now you will be moved to a page where you need enter your email ID and password to open up your account and verify it’s you.
  4. You will find an on screen guide so follow the instructions for TiVo.
  5. After some time it will ask you to enter the device service number for TiVo, so enter it correctly. You can find this TiVo service number from the bottom of your TiVo box.
  6. Once you enter the device service no., type in the other details correctly and complete the rest of the activation process.

Once the activation process is completed, it might take up to 24 hours for your service to get working. So if in case your service doesn’t start just after the activation then in spite of worrying just wait for 24 hours. Still, if the TiVo didn’t start working then, you need to head to support for identifying the issue and correcting it to get your TiVo working.

In case you encounter certain error codes, then you need to go through the following particular resolution against them.

  • TiVo ActivateIf you face an error code: 1,2, or 19 and you have purchased a pre-activated service, but the services are not working yet, then you should wait for 48 hours to get your service working. Else try to wait for 2 hours and go through the procedure to force a connection to TiVo.
  • Common steps for all models of TiVo are as follows:
  • Open the settings and messages from TiVo central.
  • Click on network configuration.
  • Now select the option to “Connect to TiVo service now.”
  • If you find error code: 3, 5 or 18 even after you have activated the TiVo service, then make sure the TiVo box is in a real connection with TiVo service. If the issue is still not resolved, then go the steps to force a connection to TiVo as did in the procedure above. You can also get TiVo help if you are not able to resolve the issue.
  • TiVo HelpIf you find an error code: 6, 10, or 4, then verify the credit card information or try to update it by opening your account. Also, make sure you don’t have any unpaid balance related to TiVo. If in case there’s any due then try to pay it to settle the dues. You can also try to reactivate your service from your account or get TiVo customer support for more help options to make the service working.
  • In case you see error code: 8 then you should activate a new payment method by visiting from any of your browsers. Also, you need to wait for 2 hours after activating the new payment method for your service to become up and running. Still, if the TiVo service didn’t work, then Force a connection to TiVo.

So these were few steps one should follow to get its TiVo box activated along with the steps to troubleshoot few TiVo error codes. Also feel free to get more help options for troubleshooting all the issues related to TiVo.


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