How Can You Watch The EPIX Network On Your TiVo Device?


If you are looking out to stream the classic bunch of TV shows and movies on EPIX network, then check out the steps to watch the network on your TiVo device.

TiVo Com ActivateAll TiVo users, are you doing well with your TiVo streaming box? The era has changed, but not the evergreen TiVo streaming device. The ultimate traditional streaming box is still in the competitive race in the list of all the streaming devices in the market. By rendering the quality features and services, the old yet trendy streaming device has also positioned itself as one of the best choices for all the global users who always adore watching their favorite lineup of content at their convenience. In the chain of all the users, if you are a beginner with the streaming box, then don’t hesitate to head to TiVo activate for activating your classic TiVo device easily.

Considering the high intensity of competition and innovative market, the company has always been on the urge to make the streaming device better by upgrading with the exclusive features and functions to render the quality streaming experience to all the users at the global level.

The best thing about the streaming device is that it is easy to stream your favorite lineup of networks and also to record their best TV shows and movies. In this chain of amazing networks, EPIX is one of the promising choices you can make to have access to the thousands of comedy specials, documentaries, concerts and latest original series. All you are required to do is setup the network on your TiVo device and be an EPIX subscriber. As the non-subscribers don’t get the royalty to stream the classic lineup of content.

The feature is available on different TiVo models:-

  • TiVo Premiere (all models)
  • TiVo BOLT (all models)
  • TiVo Mini
  • TiVo Roamio (all models)

Now, check out the different steps necessary to setup the network on TiVo-

  • Activation of the device- At the very first time of accessing EPIX on your TiVo, you will have to go through a one-time activation process.

.   Head to choose “Apps” and choose “EPIX” by heading to the screen of TiVo Central.

  • On your mobile device or computer, head to and then follow out all the instructions to enter the correct authorization code showed on your TV.


TiVo SupportNote: In the case, if your cable operator is not in the list of the activation process, then you will not have the royalty to access the EPIX network. You will require contacting your cable provider for having the details of the availability.

  • Now you are completely done, you can head to enjoy the EPIX on your TiVo box.

Search and watch the shows-

To watch out the different shows on EPIX, just follow the below steps-

  1. Head on to choose “Apps” and “EPIX” by heading to the Central screen of the TiVo.
  2. On the home screen of your device, just head to use the UP/DOWN arrows on the TiVo remote to browse the different categories like “Most Watched”, “Series”, and “Recently Added” or to view all the categories, just head to press the C button and A to get back to the home screen.
  3. For searching out by the title, just head to press the B button on the remote. By using the onscreen board, just type few letters of the title, and then select the “Search” option. You will get the list of all the matching shows on the screen.
  4. When you get something that you are willing to watch, just highlight it and then press the “SELECT” option. You can easily watch a trailer, add any show to your Queue, or just view the required information about all the crew and cast.
  5. At any point in time, you can head to the screen or the previous screen by just pressing the BACK button on the TiVo remote.

Change all the settings or View the Queue list

TiVo HelpYou can easily review your viewing history or Queue, switch off the Closed captions from on or off, learning about the parental controls settings, getting any legal help or information by heading to the Settings screen.

  • Just head to press the D button on the TiVo remote.
  • You can return to the screen or the previous menu at any time by just pressing the BACK button on the TiVo remote.

If you get any tech bug, then just head to the TiVo Com Support to get professional assistance and guidance.


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