Here Are The Guiding Steps To Setup TiVo Series 3 DVR

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If you have just bought a TiVo series3 DVR on your side, then check out the fine steps to setup the Series 3 streaming device and watch your favorites.

TiVo is undoubtedly one of the best and finest streaming device that one can have to watch anything at your convenience time. For getting the most out of the DVR, we advise you that you have got your cable provider along with the activated CableCARDs. If it is possible, then you should also run the Guided Setup for two or three days before you get the installation appointment. While doing this, there are two advantages- you can easily enjoy the DVR and that the DVR can easily connect to the TiVo Service and also get the latest software updates before any update rolled out.

Note: Even, if you don’t have the cable service, you can still head to run the Guided Setup on the DVR to easily set up the connection to the TiVo TV service and then download the software updates, if they are available.

Setup process to run the Series3 or TiVo HD DVR-

 In the case, if you are using up a TiVo Slide remote and the remote is not compatible during the Guided Setup, then just head to delink the USB receiver from the back side of the TiVo box and then move ahead with the guiding step by using the Slide remote in the IR mode. After the completion of the Setup, just re-insert the USB receiver.

Starting Setup- Check out the service terms, activate the service and then enter the ZIP code.

 Note: If the DVR is not pre-activated, then we advise that you should activate your TiVo service.

      Selecting the TV programming source-

Head to select cable only if you are using the CableCARDs or basic cable.

Now, select cable and antenna if you are using the CableCARDs or basic cable along with a digital antenna.

After that, head on to select antenna only if you are using up a digital antenna as the programming source.

NOTE: If you are looking for cable service, then just select cable only.  

 Head to install CableCARDs-

 If you have CableCARDs- Just head on to install them, and activate them by the cable provider. After that just test the channels. Now, head on to Series3/HD CableCARD installation instructions for the instructions.

If you want CableCARDs or willing to get the CableCARDs, the follow out the prompts to easily resume without CableCARDs. By software version installed on the DVR, you may require running the Guided Setup again after the installation of CableCARDs.

Selecting the network settings and phone dialog options that the DVR will use to link the TiVo Service.

Acquire all the setup information, select a cable provider (if using the Cable & Antenna or Cable) and then set up the lineup of channels.

NOTE: If all are running the Guided Setup while waiting for the cable service, then choose all the default settings. At the time of getting asked if you have the Premium channels, then choose NO.

  Acquire the initial program information- At the time of this call, the classic TiVo service downloads the program information, including the channels, titles, descriptions, and times.

After getting prompt on the screen, just head to press the TiVo button to finish Guided Setup. Currently, the DVR has got one day of the Guide data, but it will soon come back with an additional connection to the TiVo Service for getting the 14 days full of Guide data.

NOTE: After receiving the CableCARDs, just head to insert the cards into the slots of the DVR to begin the whole installation. You will get the prompt from the DVR to configure the CableCARDs. At this particular point of time, the cable provider will easily activate the cards and test the channels. After the CableCARDs are activated, you will get the prompt to repeat the fine Guided Setup. Just head to Series3/HD CableCARD installation instructions for the instructions.

Still, if you get any tech bug with the process, then head on to TiVo Com Support to get the better bunch of solutions and support.