Get the bunch of secret TiVo tips for better experience

TiVo Tips and Tricks

If you are one of the potential users of the TiVo digital video recorder, then you will be definitely aware of the way the amazing appliance can change the whole way you watch out the TV. But, having some fine work by your side, your TiVo actually has the capability of doing much more.

Whether it’s actually an easy trick, like turning down the TiVo into a clock, or doing the serious hardware hack in order to increase the storage capacity of the digital box, we are here with the bunch of pointers, tips, and tricks, so that you can get the maximum from your TiVo time.

Remote powering tricks and Easy Screen

With the bunch of 34 control buttons on the remote (including three with the multiple functions) and more than a dozen on-screen options, there are literally bound to be some of the dynamic surprises inside the TiVo waiting to get efficiently explored.

It’s improbable that you will trip on any of the classic combinations which we are heading to reveal. But, once you get to know about all the secrets, they are quite easy to find and a fun to play with. In some of the cases, they will actually save you from the hours of groping and annoyance.

An “Easter Egg”

There is actually about the fine tricks which your gadgets can perform in a fine way, eventually making us push all the buttons to witness what will actually happen. Several software programs and hardware devices have the bunch of hidden features- often known as “Easter eggs”. TiVo is actually not quite different. To witness a TiVo Easter egg, follow up the fine steps-

  1. Enabling the closed-captioning display on the TV.
  2. By accessing your TiVo remote, head to “Browse by Name”.
  3. Head on to choose the characters “SHAGWELL” and then press Thumbs Up.

You will get a short video hiding inside your own TiVo. And if you explore more, you will easily get much more Easter eggs inside your digital TiVo box.

Checking up the time

The astounding TiVO and television can easily become one of the gigantic, most costly clocks, which you own by entering the listed sections:

Select, Play, Select, Pause, 9, and Select.

TiVo Tricks

Better progressive bar access

 Got annoyed with the remaining process at the progress bar at the center of the screen? Simply head on to make it fade out faster by putting up the following button combination:

Select, Pay, Select, Pause, and Select.

Navigation Shortcuts

The bunch of a number of buttons on the remote permits you to head on to some of the common screens in a quick manner without navigating to the main menu. So, using up the fine buttons will simply save a lot of time and will also permitting you to reveal your TiVo skills. (Note that all these shortcuts could be documented and could be changed according to the different lineup of software versions)

From the fine TiVo central screen (head on to press the TiVo button to get the screen), press the following lineup of keys in order to reach their respective functions:

  1. Showing up the introduction of TV cartoon
  2. Season pass manager
  3. To Do List
  4. Searching by accessing Wishlists
  5. Searching by Title
  6. Browsing by Channel
  7. Browsing by Time
  8. Recording by Time/Channel
  9. TiVo’s Suggestions
  10. Showcases
  11. Now Playing

So, just head on to apply these tricks to your TiVo box and if get any tech bug with the tricks, simply navigate to TiVo com support for expert assistance and guidance.


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