How to fix TV displaying Blue or Black screen issue with TiVo?

TiVo Black screen issue

What’s going on TiVo users? Having the tag of the traditional digital streaming box, the TiVo box is still one of the best streaming boxes in the market. By rendering its useful features and services, the TiVo streaming box just plays a key role in order to record all your TV shows and movies according to your demand. This is the reason the old yet trendy digital streaming box has got the large percentage of the audience in the global market.

In order to stream your favorite content, all you need is a compatible device and a TiVo digital streaming box. But, there are instances when the TV gets encountered in some of the problems which can’t be ignored in order to stream the content on the big screen.

When you head on to power up your own TiVo box and don’t get any kind of change in it at all, then there would be no lights getting illuminated on the front panel of your TiVo box or there will be lights that will be flashing. In this kind of situations, the fan may still spin and do send some air out the rear fan grates.

Some of the solutions related to the problem

There are actually many causes, due to which the problem happens. And one of the most common reasons that cause the problem is actually a bad power supply. And having a replaced power supply usually fix out the problem.

Well, every TiVo actually requires a particular type of power supply, so ensure to search out for the right model. Also, for most of the TiVo DVRs, it requires a Torx T-10 to unlock the TiVo, installing of the replacement, and also cutting the power supply.

Apart from this, all the high-definition TiVo’s that are linked to a TV with an HDMI connector, it is quite possible to have the black TV screen (no output) when the HDMI connector is not working in a proper way. Well, it’s easy to determine the issue: Simply head on to link a different cable type (component or composite) between the TV and TiVo and witness it really produces the whole picture or not. If it actually does, you may require repairing your HDMI connector.

TiVo displaying Blue

More detail regarding the problem

There are actually many TiVo users who have who have tried out the testing of the output voltage of the power supply in order to make it as the prime source of the problem. Apart from this, it is true that the power supply should actually send 5V and 12V signals out of the hard drive power cable. As the power supplies to those voltages can actually make the TiVo fail to the boot.  And the reason is about the power supply which is also been responsible for the special signaling from the another cable, which is usually a flat brand white “Parlex” cable, directly to the motherboard. And there is actually no tests for all the signals on this cable.

On the other hand, if you still have some query related to the problem, then simply head on to TiVo com support for expert assistance and guidance.


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